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1. Add options to choose from

2. Click the Decide button bellow

3. Choose a random option!

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Random decision maker

This app is a random decision maker. It makes it easy to make those hard decisions. What to watch? What to eat? All those trivial decisions can be made easier with a random picker.

If it's a yes or no decision you can always flip a coin, but having more options will make it harder to make a random decision. That's where a good random picker comes to make it easier.

It's very easy to use it! You just add in the options you're choosing from and click the "Decide" button. After that your options are shuffled and hidden away. You can now choose a random card and there you go - you have a decision. Easy right? At least easier than spending 30 minutes wondering what food to order and then just picking the first thing you see, beacuse you're now starving.

You can even save your options and load them later. That makes it perfect for having a movie list.

Suitable applications for the random decision maker:

  • Making everyday decisions (what to watch, what to order for dinner, etc.)
  • Settling different opinions - you want to go to the cinema, your significant other wants to go the park. A fair compromise would be to decide randomly what to do.
  • Picking winners - have a list of people that you want to give a price to? Just add their names and decide, it's absolutely random enough for that purpose.


Did you know that there is actually a term for fear of making decisions? I didn't until recently. It's called decidophobia. People with decidophobia tend to be overfocused and to overthink about making any types of decisions. Some cases may even be as serious as having a full blown panic attack.

Your case might not be that serious, but we all sometimes get in a situation where we want to just decide something and stop thinking about a thing. Having a random picker at your hand can help you lift the stress out of those types of situation and help you just go with a decision.

Deciding confidently

A lot of our decision making anxiety can come from not trusting our brain. Your brain is a biological entity that is refined by hundreds of thousands years of evolution. It is not stupid, it can make good decisions. You just have to trust it and listen to it carefully. Often as you go through the options, your decision will just pop up. You will not know where it came from, but you will know that that's it. And if you continue to analyze over and over the situation your judgement will only get muddier and muddier and you will suffer from analysis paralysis. That doesn't mean to not inform yourself about your decisions, but to not ruminate over them.

And a lot of the time, even after doing careful analysis and projecting pros and cons, you are again at where you started. You still don't know what you should do, everything seems equally good/bad. That's where a random decision maker


Do you have an app?

No, but this is a PWA (Progressive web app) - you can use your favorite mobile browser and add it to your phone's home screen, just like a regular app. See more here

How random is this random decision maker?

This app uses the javascript method Math.random which is pseudo-random. You can read more about this here. But basically, it's random. As random as a decision maker needs to be. Unless you're tinkering with the code, there is no way to predict how the options will be ordered.


I am not suggesting, by any means, to make an important decision randomly. Always research and think about the options for decisions that matter and that will have an impact. This is app is for all the rest - where choosing one or the other option would be rather insignificant.

Enough talking, take me to the app